Santa Claus Pere Noel Seymour #097

Pere Seymour is dressed in a purple velvet hooded coat overlayed with sequined gold braid.  Each shoulder has three purple velvet epaulettes with a custom jeweled button at each end.  His pants are purple corduroy and he has a gold silk shirt with gold buttons.  His beard, hair, eyebrows and mustache are high quality mohair. He has a golden glittered and jeweled crown on his head.  The head, hands, and feet are hand painted ceramic.  The head has glass eyes and the shoes have real shoe laces.  Arms and legs have 1 inch armature and are posable.  Doll comes with a removable stand.  Each doll comes uniquely named and numbered and comes with a certificate of authenticity.  Each doll is one of a kind and is signed by the artists.

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Santa Claus Pere Seymour #097 Jester Room

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