About Us

Welcome to Chateau Claus!

Bring the magic of Christmas into your home.  Chateau Claus features Pére Noel (Santa) dolls, Christmas decor, and more.

Each Pére Noel is individually created by hand.  No two are alike.  Each one is uniquely named, numbered, and signed by the Chateau Claus artists.  These vintage, Santa Claus (Pére Noel) dolls are lovingly handcrafted from the finest fabrics, faux furs, and quality accessories.  The ceramic heads, hands, and boots are carefully hand-painted to create a distinctive personality.  Faces are framed with soft white mohair curls and beards.  Clothing and hats are carefully designed to fit the personality.  Each Santa Claus (Pére Noel) comes complete with its own secure stand and storage box.  Santa Claus (Pére Noel) is truly a treasure for you holiday celebration and an heirloom for your family -- a collectible work of art.